This section represents "The History Of Kyre's domains" as they have developed.

Green Bullet History of Kyre's Website!!! (View Site)
Kyre's Website!!! was my initial attempt at a website. I was just learning HTML so the pages are very basic. The website is structured into four main sections: With Background GIFs, Without Background GIFS, With Frames & Without Frames.

Green Bullet History of Kyre's Place!!! (View Site)
Kyre's Place!!! is structured as a house to enable easy navigation and the element of uniqueness. However, another person claimed I had stolen their idea so I had to update to Web Heaven.

Green Bullet History of Web Heaven (View Site)
I developed Web Heaven when I obtained the domain: Web Heaven is designed as a bar with a sitemap designed as a nightclub floor plan.

Green Bullet History of Kyren Web (View Site)
I obtained two further domains: & I needed a way to pull all three domains into one website so I developed Kyren Web.

Green Bullet History of Lairs (View Site)
Due to financial difficulties, I relinquished two of my domains, creating the site Lairs to incorporate the useful sections of Kyren Web.

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