I have compiled a list of useful areas to look at when designing a website.

Green Bullet Backgrounds & Graphics By Cat & Dawg Design Green Bullet Backgrounds By Marvelicious
Green Bullet Backgrounds By Windy Green Bullet Enchantress.net - Backgrounds & Graphics
Green Bullet Finger Prints And Paws Green Bullet Graphics From Beware Of Cat
Green Bullet Graphics From CatStuff Green Bullet Judi's Doodlings
Green Bullet Kitty's Pageworks Green Bullet Steal These Graphics

Green Bullet Mozilla / Opera / Microsoft Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator
Web Browsers enabling you to see webpages on the Internet.

Green Bullet Jabber / Mirabilis ICQ / MSN Messenger
Popular chat programmes used for communication across the Internet.

Green Bullet Microsoft Frontpage
Microsoft's Website Editor enabling you to write webpages for the Internet.

Green Bullet Win FTP
For transferring files to and from your website.

Green Bullet Add Me / I Need Hits
Submit your page to popular search engines for free, using one form!

Green Bullet SETI@Home
A piece of software allowing the search for E.T. on a distributed system.

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