Digital Cameras are becoming more and more popular as prices drop and the quality of the pictures improve. The greater the number of pictures taken, the greater the need for a piece of software to act as a gallery to allow browsing and supply a name or a description associated with the photos.

This Photo Gallery will supply browsing capabilities as well as supplying a name and description for each photo. Thumbnails will allow overall viewing with the description associated with the larger image. These facilities will alleviate the need to browse through all the pictures to find a specific image making the task faster and more efficient.

The benefits gained from implementing this gallery will be that reviewing photos or simply reliving old memories will be hassle free and less frustrating than simply going through the pictures one at a time. Each picture will be directly accessible via the thumbnail index. As this gallery will be an online tool it will be accessible throughout the World Wide Web (WWW) to allow sharing with family, friends and colleagues.

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