Lighter Neighbourhoods
Cool Caves - For those with whom to linger.
Delightful Dens - For those nocturnal souls whose dwellings are dark.
Heavenly Havens - For those with their heart in design of their dwelling.
Opaque Oceans - For those with waves of information.
Serene Seas - For those with a dwelling that seems to lap over you.
Wild Woodlands - For those with a variety to refresh the senses.

Darker Neighbourhoods
Demon's Dominion - For those wicked demons to show their darkened lands.
Ferocious Fugitives - For those fugitives always changing their dwelling.
Luscious Lamias - For those attractive vampyres who wish to show themselves.
Sexy Sorceresses - For those powerful sorceresses with their enthralling lands.
Vitriolic Vampyres - For those harsh vampyres showing their true colours.
Wicked Warlocks - For those whose spells who keep you in their power.

Dwellings Outside Neighbourhoods
Dee's Website
Paz's Website

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