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SETI stands for the Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. The airwaves over a wide band of frequencies and the night's sky are monitored for abnormal readings. Due to the vast amount of data they collect it is impossible to process very quickly so Berkeley University developed a way to "background" run a program to process this data. The program is small and can run in the background on your PC or as a screen saver. This is SETI@Home.

There are two reasons that I support SETI. The first is curiousity, I would like to know if we are alone in this Universe and how far "space" actually spans. The second reason is fear. The first thing we do when we find a country is subdue the natives so we can take over, e.g. American Natives, and often end out wiping them out. So, therefore, we would probably act the same way on a planet we discover. If we act this way, why would an alien race be any different if they wanted our planet?

I became interested in SETI@Home when introduced to the screensaver at work. I have been a SETI@Home user since 28/07/2001. I have only recently downloaded the newer BOINC version so my stats are not very high.

I have always been interested in SETI work and fascinated by the idea of finding life on any planets which I am convinced is out there. The number of planets that have already been discovered through the Doppler effect is astounding and the evidence of possible water on Mars proves that we are not an isolated case of life. Extra Terrestrials are probably more advanced than we are and as we are already transmitting many signals into space from our everyday life such as UHF, VHF and radio waves they may well know about us.

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